Protection. Advocacy. Accountability.

Protecting those in need. It’s a simple goal with tremendous responsibility. Sterling Case Management & Fiduciaries of Arizona offers fiduciary services for those in search of a court appointed guardian or conservator.

While the goals for protection are the same, the needs and requirements vary. Protection for an individual can be due to aging, disease or injury. The need for protection can be temporary or permanent.

You can receive help managing both medical and financial needs. Our licensed fiduciary, once appointed can make decisions or assist in making decisions around:

  • Where an individual will live and where they may go
  • Personal rights, such as driving a car, dating, cell phone use, etc. (Within the limitations of the court order)
  • What medical treatments they will receive
  • Who will have direct contact
  • Maintaining assets
  • Ensuring medical and living arrangements are within the limits of available funds and resources

With our help, you can protect against financial abuse, fraud or undue influence. No matter if the clients are adults or a minors, our role as a fiduciary is to advocate.

Here’s how.

Safeguards Begin With Careful Review.

At Sterling Case Management & Fiduciaries of Arizona we begin with a careful, in depth review of the individual’s needs. With the help of attorneys, physicians and social workers, recommendations can be made to the court.

The court will decide on a variety of key issues, including:

  • The appointment of a guardian or conservator
  • What limitations should be placed on the guardian’s or conservator’s authority
  • Required reports and filings
  • Successors to a guardian
  • When restoration of rights may be appropriate

All of these decisions are made to ensure the level of protection is in alignment with the individual’s needs and rights. As needs change modifications can be made.

This way, you always have peace of mind knowing that safeguards put in place reflect the true needs of the individual.

Knowing when it’s time to appoint a fiduciary can be a challenging decision. It’s a time full of emotion and questions you may not know to ask.

Sterling Case Management & Fiduciaries of Arizona is here to help. We recognize a supportive role during a time of need or crisis is a tremendous help. This is especially true when our clients come to us unsure of the best approach and struggling with feelings of vulnerability.

A good place to start when considering a court appointed fiduciary is whether the individual is able to:

  • Provide for him/herself.
  • Communicate adequately with caregivers.
  • Make responsible decisions.
  • Understand the consequences of actions or choices.

Answers to these questions will help set the stage for meaningful decisions and shed light on questions you may not have thought to ask.

Now’s the time to put a plan in place. You can do it with our help. At Sterling Case Management Services, you’ll find some of the best fiduciaries licensed through the state of Arizona.

Call us today for a complimentary discovery session. Together, we can begin to determine what’s best.