Exceptional Fiduciary Relationships

For some clients, making health care and financial decisions has always been the responsibility of someone else. For others, putting a plan in place to manage these important decisions is a new and growing concern.

Making these decisions can be easier than one might think. It starts with an honest and open conversation about needs, concerns and expectations. This is true, whether for your self or a loved one.

Types of clients we serve:

  • Care management and patient advocacy groups
  • Individuals who require a long-term care plan
  • Families in need of assistance
  • Individuals requiring guardianship or emergency guardianship
  • Conservators
  • Attorneys
  • Trust companies

At Sterling Case Management & Fiduciaries of Arizona, advocacy is our focus. We recognize a supportive role during a time of need or crisis can be a tremendous asset.

Every fiduciary relationship we hold is grounded in three principles:

Good faith. Loyalty. Trust.

Here, you’ll find a fiduciary who can serve as Medical or Financial Powers of Attorney. You can receive assistance with carrying out the terms of Family Trusts or Special Needs Trusts.

Whether you’re looking for trust management or estate dissolution, we can help. You can have peace-of-mind knowing the instructions within a trust are safeguarded. Also, you can be assured your estate is protected and administered in alignment with your wishes.

Call us today and talk to one of our case managers and fiduciaries.