Meet the Sterling Team

“To professionally and efficiently protect and advocate for those in need.”

In life, there are moments when knowing who to turn to makes all the difference. It’s in these moments, our fears and uncertainties leave us feeling the most vulnerable. This is especially true, when our feelings are driven by the need to protect someone we love.

You see, coming alongside someone in their time of need is a tremendous gift. It can be a listening ear or a word of comfort. Sometimes it’s helping to answer the tough questions or offering guidance when the world seems dark. But the truth is, it can even be the voice of reason. This can be a source of comfort when making the tough but necessary decisions.

At Sterling Case Management & Fiduciaries of Arizona, we understand the opportunity we hold to make a difference in someone’s life. It’s why, with a servant’s heart our focus is on serving others. Quite simply, every decision, every touch-point we make is illustrated with dignity and compassion.

We begin with our gift for listening, a kindness you’ll feel right from the start. You see, we’re interested in what’s on your heart as much as what’s on your mind. It’s all part of our commitment to doing what’s best for you.

In many ways, at Sterling Case Management & Fiduciaries of Arizona we plant seeds of hope and comfort. What grows is good faith, loyalty and trust. A great way to be a blessing in someone’s life.

Martelle Olsen
President & Fiduciary
Ruth Georgina Covey
Vice President, Operations & Fiduciary
Bridgette Azad
Director, Case Management
Malena Turner
Senior Case Manager
Jamie Branson
Case Manager
Beth Monfort
Client Bookkeeper & Case Aide
Sandra Hawkins
Director, Client Finance
Tracy Walker
Property & Administrative Assistant
Stacy DeLancey-DeLeon
Client Bookkeeper
Yvonne Valdez
Administrative Assistant
Toni Estrada
Client Bookkeeping
Kiara Coakley
Case Aide
Susan Smalley
Case Aide
Dan Putnam
Expat Liaison