Understanding Needs. Exploring Options.

Our assessments are designed to help you address a full array of needs. They are a great tool for quickly determining:

  • The appropriate level of care based on the individual’s unique circumstances.
  • Ways to reduce the strain experienced by the care giving family.
  • Understanding and addressing complex emotions.
  • How to alleviate concerns and fears around changing roles and responsibilities.

Assessments begin with the individual and extend to the home, caregivers and family. In most instances, a home visit is appropriate. This approach includes a family meeting. By assessing key areas, everyone has an opportunity to communicate thoughts and concerns. It is the cornerstone to being ready to meet any urgent needs.

Discover how appointing an Emergency Case Manager can be the wisest decision.

Compassionate Consultations

Consultations are the foundation of a personalized care plan. The best plans address all key areas of concern. Relevant concerns may not limited to the individual needing care and support. They extend to those in a position of care giving, whether a spouse, parent, adult-child, conservator or guardian.

The goal of the consultation is to develop a plan of care. This includes recommended actions, screening providers, and evaluating costs or insurance options. It also explores a variety of resources.

In developing a care plan, a variety of recommendations include:

  • Resources and referrals to in-home support or alternative residential settings.
  • Medical assessments including physicians, specialists and psychiatrists.
  • Resources and referrals to a variety of professional services.
  • Examining entitlements and benefits.
  • On-going coaching, support and advocacy.

Once a well-developed, personalized plan of care is established, it is shared with all concerned. This is a unique opportunity to ensure next steps are evaluated and agreed upon. This is the basis of formal documentation.

Follow-up and Support

With a finalized plan in place coordination and follow-up are key. An assigned Case Manager will coordinate the best services and care providers from relevant referrals and resources.

If you prefer, you can have a Case Manager available to you simply as a guide and advocate. But no matter what you choose, you can rely on us to offer follow-up and support. This includes:

  • Monitoring the level of care provided.
  • Ensuring transportation needs are met for appointments
  • Support for caregivers and/or family members.
  • Mediation for concerns or conflicts around a standard of care.

See for yourself how a personalized care plan can make all the difference. Call us today and schedule your assessment and consultation.